Ghost In A Machine

In every Creation, there is diversion. I saw this facinating piece of intelligence and decided to share it’s Principles. Understanding who you are and what you do and is about to do is the best proof of a sure ending. These piece of speculation and intelligent expression explains the law of conciousness.


I had a near death experience as a child which has a big effect on how I perceive myself and the world around me. I see my body as a perfect machine. It completely sustains itself. Sometimes it scares me. I can feel it having a life of its own. It scares me especially when I think of what my body is made from. I am a wandering universe of microscopic organisms functioning in unity, forming my body which I then can use to roam this world. I am not my body but my body is a part of me, so important … like you can’t join an MMORPG without creating an avatar first. I have to have this body to be here.

But I am not my body, or am I? My lungs will keep pumping air without me having to consciously think of them doing so. My…

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They entire human Race all over the world is made up of several beliefs and concepts governing the Affairs of men. Different religion had emerged with different doctrines and pattern of worship alongside places of worship. As an African, our principle ancient ancestral religion is what is today know as ATR (Africa Traditional Religion). This [...]


Hello everyone!!. It's been a while  i made a post. I suppose that was last week. But thank God am back with a real Goodnews. Though i 've really really been busy fixing things up, things are fixing up themselves at there time. This time i came to share something really special to me. It's [...]


History has been a major part of humanity and an ancient art of existence. The beauty of every history is the mystery in her story. The Joy of every Story is in her conclusion which determine her success or failure. History is a part of humanity and an inherent nature of Creation. Nothing exist without [...]


The true essence of existence and the Joy of it is having a Purposeful direction. Sometimes it looks as if you can't even write your own Story. Sometimes it looks as if you don't even know who you are. You try to build your faith, you hope and dream, waiting for a better tomorrow which [...]


Vanity, Vanity all things are : Beauty flee like a rose watery flower : Money die at the morning dew, Riches fall at it's rise stand form, Poor ach cured with the hardwork pills Knowledge flow with the blue stream sea, Houses down and the rain cry's out, Cars rashes and the Sun laugh has, [...]


It is true that emotions are paramount and are also God given gifts, but still yet it is Possible that this God given gifts can cause harm to Us if our desires are driven by them. They are strong feelings of a persons character both of good and evil. We all have the right to [...]