It will be immensely wise to begin with an apology, for my inability to keep to my sole aimed promise as a result of certain situation and difficult. In my last post, i promised to keep to date the Person of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (This I promised you in the inside) and [...]



Once upon a time is always the beginning of a Story. There are times in our lives when we wish if only we could turn back the hands of time. Have you ever wondered Why? Have you ever wondered Why our minds searches for answers that our lips can't utter? There are many mysteries in [...]


Just as every other religion in the world, Christians are breed of belivers who possess a form of culture and believe in the existence of a God and His supremacy over all Creations and creatures . Though there are series of variation in believes against religion, one thing keeps them Common i.e the existence of [...]

Ghost In A Machine

In every Creation, there is diversion. I saw this facinating piece of intelligence and decided to share it's Principles. Understanding who you are and what you do and is about to do is the best proof of a sure ending. These piece of speculation and intelligent expression explains the law of conciousness.